3 Questions to Ask When Hiring Community Association Managers in Fort Bend, Texas

3 Questions to Ask When Hiring Community Association Managers in Fort Bend, Texas

Texas is the second largest state in the United States. It's no surprise they are among the top states for homeowners associations. The numbers mean there is a demand for community association managers.

A community association manager works in a planned community, mainly condominiums. A homeowners association hires an HOA manager. Or the person is brought on by a community management company contracted by the HOA board.

Their role is to take care of the day-to-day operations of the community and its neighborhood. They also take care of all the shared spaces and amenities and ensure that homeowners abide by the rules, conditions, and restrictions.

Does your HOA board need help with property maintenance? If the answer is yes, check out these three questions to ask when hiring a community association manager.

Do You Hire Qualified Community Association Managers?

Community association managers can receive multiple certifications through various organizations. Many of the staff members of a good management company will hold one or more of the following certifications:

  • CMCA - Certified Manager of Community Association
  • AMS - Association Management Specialist
  • PCAM - Professional Community Association Manager

These are high designations for the industry. To earn these certifications, managers must engage in extensive training. They also must pass a series of tests to demonstrate their expertise in association management.

A potential client can also inquire whether the property management firm is an Accredited Association Management Company.

When looking for management companies, ensure that you and your staff hold some of the above designations.

What Technology Do You Use?

Technology is a must-have for any business. Companies should use community association management software. Choose a management company with a wide range of tech options for your HOA Board members and homeowners to access.

Programs should be easy to use. It should allow users to access their info, payment options, and property maintenance citations.

HOA software also helps residents reach the right management team members.

How is the Property Maintained?

One of the most important parts of running a community association is making sure residents adhere to property maintenance rules. There are also common lawn maintenance and landscaping areas.

Property maintenance is a high priority when choosing a management company. Of course, your Association's rules and regulations will determine exactly what and how maintenance is done.

Ask if candidates use a list of reliable service providers. Also, inquire if they are licensed and insured. The HOA manager gives the HOA Board members peace of mind.

Who has access to their community is about safety for all residents.

We'd Love to Work for Your HOA Board

At Property Management, Inc., we take pride in the community association managers we hire. Our mission is to help your community become more valuable. Our team of HOA managers can help your Association in many different ways.

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