Types of Maintenance Tasks to Expect From an HOA in Fort Bend, Texas

Types of Maintenance Tasks to Expect From an HOA in Fort Bend, Texas

Living in an HOA community has several advantages, such as higher property values. In 2021 in the United States, the approximate value of all HOA homes was $11 trillion.

A Homeowners Association regularly looks after the neighborhood's common areas. Because of this, property values are kept high through regular inspections, assessments, and repairs.

However, some are HOA property maintenance tasks, and some are for the homeowner. Knowing who is responsible for which maintenance task is essential, or the HOA may issue a fine.

If you want to avoid getting fined, keep reading. Here are several maintenance tasks that the Homeowner's Association is responsible for.


While HOAs can differ, landscaping is a typical HOA common area maintenance task. This is done primarily to keep the neighborhood looking uniform for aesthetic and property values.

However, some HOAs require the homeowner to look after their own yard; others include an HOA maintenance program that cares for the yard instead.

Snow Removal

Snow removal may be another duty that the Homeowners Association is responsible for. The HOA maintenance crew will remove snow from common areas like community amenities and parking lots. In many HOAs, homeowners must pay for snow removal services for their properties.

Fence and Gate Repairs

There are three types of fences in an HOA community: perimeter fences (HOA), pool fences (HOA), and patio fences (homeowner). Another HOA property maintenance task is repairing their damaged fences and gates.

This is to ensure the safety of all residents. The costs of these repairs are covered by the fees paid by the HOA members every year.

Sidewalk Cleaning and Repairs

Sidewalk cleaning and repairs are also HOA property maintenance tasks. After all, over time, sidewalks in the HOA community become damaged from use.

These damages can pose a hazard to residents and should be addressed immediately. If left unattended, it can open the HOA board up to legal troubles if someone gets injured.

Pest Control

Controlling pests in the HOA community is another duty that falls on the HOA. However, because the laws vary between states, this duty can also be the homeowner's responsibility.

If you're unsure who is taking on pest control in the community, refer to the association's declaration documents. The association must follow up if a resident causes a pest problem in case legal action is required.

Trash Collection

Finally, trash collection is the responsibility of the Homeowners Association. Some associations set rules about when homeowners can put the trash cans out, how long they can remain out, and where you may place them for collection.

Typically the association requests residents put their trash cans out the night before collection and no sooner and retrieve them by the following night.

HOA Property Maintenance 101: Passed

Knowing what HOA property maintenance duties are when living in an HOA community is essential. The HOA board can issue fines if you refuse to follow the association board's rules. Tasks that involve repairs to common areas will always fall under the HOA.

However, some HOAs require homeowners to manage their own property maintenance and repairs. Others will provide an HOA maintenance program you can pay for.

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